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Challenge Yourself to Change!

Studio Owner, Teri has been changing lives since the beginning of her fitness career, 1999! In 2010 she opened our beautiful boutique fitness studio and since then, she has mentored and trained a team of professional, enthusiastic and dedicated instructors that will motivate YOU to Improve your Health, Fitness Levels, Raise Your Quality of Life, and Accomplish Your Personal Goals! You CAN and WILL do it! Here at ZT’s Fitness Studio you will be inspired and driven to succeed!

Our classes are designed for every level of fitness allowing you to challenge yourself at your own pace. We believe that you are unique and have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. ZT’s professional instructors offer not only physical guidance and endless support in & out of the studio, but also mental and nutritional advice, linking the key aspects of wellness for optimum results. We have an extremely welcoming atmosphere created by our "ZT's Familia" and, more importantly, by every smiling member you encounter! We pride ourselves in helping you achieve your goals and have fun while doing it…we are here to join you on your wellness journey & life transformation!



We pride ourselves on our unmatched variety of fitness programs: 


Zumba Gold



Strength Training

HIIT Training

TABATA Bootcamp

Gentle Strength

Barre Above

Stretch & Yoga Flow

Recovery Fitness (Foam Rolling)

...and more!

We stay current & fresh while focusing on all aspects of wellness, not just weight loss. At ZT’s Fitness Studio, we train hard, restore, and repair! We’re a family like no other, regardless of your age or level, everyone is welcome! You can also let our gorgeous venue host your next special event! Just fill out the short contact form to learn more today!

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